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Here's what you need to know!




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The absolutely gorgeous holiday catalogue is here!! Vanilla Mint lip balm, exclusive Savvy Minerals makeup products, animal treats, breakfast sets, and so, so much more!! Holiday catalogue items are available for purchase until December 31st, or until supplies run out - and a few items are already gone for good, so hurry! Just click the image to view all the holiday goodness!


U.S November Promos

You guys. The holidays. The smells, tastes, sounds, feels, and memories are enough to make me giddy. I want to sing and bake and watch White Christmas!!!!

So what is Young Living giving us FREE to make this season even better?!?! A promotion full of seasonal goodness, of course!

Among other goodies, your qualifying order comes with Christmas Spirit, Pine, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Frankincense—essential oils that are perfect for the holiday season!

Reach any of the following PV minimums with your November order to get these Young Living products for free. With a 300 PV order you’ll be receiving free items with a retail value of $210.44!!! If you’re earning 20% back in Essential Rewards points that would be another $60 free on a $300 order. 

So hang on, spend $300, get $270.44 free??? 🤔 Well, that’s not a hard decision. 


+ 15-ml Frankincense
- With Biblical ties to Christmas as a gift to the Christ child, Frankincense is a wonderful oil to elevate the spirit of the season. Apply its uplifting aroma by massaging it into your chest, temples, or neck. Use while reading for Advent this year!

+ 15-ml Pine
- If you can’t go to the woods, bring the freshness of the forest inside! Pine is the perfect complement to your real or artificial tree when you diffuse the woodsy, rich aroma throughout your home. Pine is grounding and soothes the respiratory system. 

+ Christmas Tree Ornament: 
- Trim the tree with this oil-infused ornament! Designed with a festive snowflake pattern, this glass orb includes an essential oil basin and diffuser sticks to help you spread your favorite scents of the season. How fun is that?!

+ 15-ml Eucalyptus Radiata
- Fill your home with the crisp, clean scent of Eucalyptus Radiata just in time for holiday guests! Diffuse it on its own or with complementary oils such as Orange, Lavender, and Rosemary.

+Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive: 
15-ml Tea Tree
- Prep for holiday hosting with help from this home cleaning must-have. Use Tea Tree for DIY linen spritzers, household cleaners, and air fresheners to keep your home cozy and comfortable.

+ Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive:
5-ml Christmas Spirit
- It doesn’t feel like the holidays until you bring out the Christmas Spirit! A YL exclusive, this warm, nostalgic essential oil perfectly blends Orange, Cinnamon, and Black Spruce. Christmas Spirit can help to release old emotional patterns tied to family and traditions so you are free to create new ones filled with joy! You will want this in your diffuser all season long!

*Members in APO/FPO/DPO areas need to call 1.844.760.2123 to place their order. Because Frankincense, Pine, and Tea Tree are listed on the dangerous goods list, members in these areas will receive ER points in place of the oils. Assistance will be available November 1–30, Monday–Saturday, 8 a.m.–8 p.m., MT.

This is an amazing lineup of oils that will really bulk up your stash and all for FREE! Qualify twice with an Essential Rewards and a Quick Order. You know you want to and you have to buy toothpaste, shampoo, laundry soap, baby wipes, and deodorant anyway. And all the Ningxia. And all the Thieves. And all the makeup. And...

If you aren't on Essential Rewards and you're buying at your local store, you might just be throwing money away every month!


Who wants to go to HAWAII??!!!!!!!!

October - December you have the opportunity to win 1 of 100 spots to take an all expense paid trip to the islands with Young Living!!!!!!

How do you win? You do things that will build your business to earn points!
1. Enroll people!
2. Get your personally enrolled members on ER!
3. Increase your team's OGV!
4. Rank up!

You could be hiking waterfalls or surfing the big waves with a guest if you’re one of the winners from your rank with the most Race to the Finish points or in the top five finishers from your region.

Those who are Executive and higher by December 31 can share with others and WIN BIG!!!

Plus, the top three overall global competitors will also receive a cash reward! 
- First place will receive $20,000
- Second place will receive $15,000
- Third place will receive $10,000! 

Will you be first across the finish line? ALOHA!

**More details coming and on the YL site.**


We love Frank!

Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) was once regarded as more valuable than gold in ancient cultures. It was in recipes God gave to his people for cleansing and worship. Why? Because He understands us as physical beings. That we are a whole: body, mind, and spirit, and that we need help bringing that all together into a cohesive focus. Frankincense has been used to ground and focus the mind during times of prayer and mental strain or grief.

Frankincense also has a similar effect inside the body, encouraging the cells and functions to come back to their foundations. To help the body to remember what it does and why it does it. What should it be protecting? What should it be removing? How should it be functioning? Where should the garbage go? Frankincense quietly asks our systems all the right questions and then supports them in doing their job well. Just as it's best to surround ourselves daily with those who are wise, it's also good to give ourselves frequent exposure to this ancient, revered oil. Who doesn't need a daily dose of calming, grounded influence?!




Step One, Mix your ZYNG + Ningxia, drink up! Add a Nitro for an extra Boost! ( drink daily)....I drink 6 ounces of Ningxia a day!

Zyng... Tastes delicious, has that little kick of energy, that bubbly fizz, that sweetness, but is missing the horrible colors, preservatives and artificial sweeteners of other products. Absolutely delicious mixed with your Ningxia Red. It's time. You deserve this change.

Nitro... Let's talk about Ningxia Red's cousin, Ningxia Nitro. Do you want mental alertness and a boost of energy? Do some research into the many health benefits of D-Ribose, the first ingredient in its proprietary energy blend. Perfect for the modern, busy life that needs an added boost. Rather than harming adrenal function like so many energy boosting drinks and supplements, this liquid rocket works to actually support the adrenal glands with its combination of oils and ingredients.

Step Two. Take Super B daily. ----> Super B and Ningxia are Game Changers.
This amazing, energy-boosting, adrenal-supporting source of goodness may be just what you are looking for. A huge support for mood, cardiovascular health, and the brain, many find that a new level of function is possible when feeding their body with this folate (not folic acid) source of B complex, nutmeg, and minerals.

Step 3. Apply En-R-Gee as we tackle our day.
Wake up with this blend made to support your adrenals and get you moving out of your ruts! Rub some over your lower back or give it a big sniff right before you set off to go about your day.

- Apply Vetiver to the back of the neck to support your focus as you balance ALL THE THINGS! Also great when calming our minds and quieting our thoughts as we end our days.
Our favorite oil for calming, focus and rest. I use this on the back of my neck at night before I go to bed to still my mind so that I'm ready to shut down and sleep!

Step 4. End of the day? Rub tranquil on the bottom of your feet to help with true, RESTFUL sleep. Have you seen this testimony ? ----> Seriously, take note!

Emotions. Release. Trust me, use this one. Every mama, everywhere needs this oil.

- Release Essential Oil might is a top 5 favorite. Think suddenly you're dancing around singing, "Let It Go" in your best Elsa voice.

Lastly, have little ones that need calming down so you can actually hop in that bubble bath and put your feet up?
Peace and Calming is your friend!

+ encourages deep relaxation
+ great support in your bedtime routines or to support overactive children
+ uplifting
+supports tension

OKAY LETS HEAR IT MAMAS! Do you use these for support?

We give so much of ourselves day after day, we have to make sure we are supporting ourselves so we can give the best!


I just adore being able to support Alden with our precious oils!! Such a powerful tool for us mamas as we help our children stay happy, safe, and healthy! 

Here are some of our favorite rollers that we use on Alden daily! Each of these is in a 10ml roller topped with V6 carrier oil!


Luscious Lashes

We have all tried the fake lash extensions, right?! They make your lashes fall out and leave you with bald eyes! Eww!! There is no quick fix to long lashes except for growing natural ones!!! Want to know a tip for getting those luxurious lashes? TWO tips are coming your way!!

This my friend is your ticket to those fiber lashes.  

+Apply Mascara
+Dip eyeshadow brush into Diamond Dust
+Dab Diamond Dust onto your wet lashes
+Re-apply Mascara

TADA!!!!! You have toxic free, natural lashes that won’t burn your eyes or make your lashes fall out!

This is your ticket to growing natural luxurious lashes. 

Mix Together
+Pure Castor Oil 1FLoz
+5 drops lavender
+Apply to lashes every night after washing face

Add 1 drop each of Lavender, Cedarwood, and Rosemary to your mascara tube



You might scroll quickly past this but I want you to stop for just a moment. 

I want you to consider a few things....the business for you could be casually sharing with a few friends here or there and getting $50 per referral. OR you might think I need a change. You may have dreams stuffed down so so deep that you don't even know what they are anymore. 

We want you to pull those out. We want you to dare to dream big. 

Here are some links I encourage you to look through, just take a peek! 

+ ALBUM here of the business opportunity, click through each post ---->

+ Join our BUSINESS group here ---->

+ Want into a MENTORSHIP? We will get you plugged in! 

+ A VIDEO for you to check out! --->

+ Young Living's income potential --->



Essential Rewards Ideas


We all know about Shark Week. 

So many (not)lovely things come on this week month after month....I am sure we could all write out a long list of these.

Lets start to support ourselves this week. Everyone will thank us later! 

When I first started my journey with oils I had all kinds of things happening and didn't really how they were all connected. SO many things- skin related, hormone related all screaming at me that I was not balanced. Now 3 years later I feel like a different person, truly.  


Three FAVORITES are pictured below! 


This oil is the perfect choice for supporting normal, healthy emotions during the female monthly cycle. Diffuse it. Put it on your feet or right over your abdomen. Inhale it like your life depends on it. We’ve all seen that dragon roar, right?! Trust me, those around you (and you especially!) will thank you!


Gently massage onto lower abdomen and lower back as needed. 


we have tons of GREAT info on PP ( you can start here )....I just was reading tonight about our hormones and listen to this....

" Progessence Plus is essential for every woman. Just as there are many different kinds of dragons, each of us is a unique individual and each of us will use PP in a different way. One dragon is hot and thirsty and comes out roaring once a month wanting sweets and breathing fire on all those around. How this person uses PP will be different than someone else. Perhaps the next dragon is cold and sleepy, or moody and weepy. Patiently give yourself 4 months to effect a change ( using this oil consistently) and bring yourself back into balance. 

Progesterone and Estrogen play many roles in the day to day metabolic functions of the female body."


Our GORGEOUS team books!! Click the individual images for the full books!

Our brand new product guide!! I'm swooning!



Christmas Themed Baskets! 

Anyone else thinking about getting ahead on Christmas shopping? I always spread out my purchases over October, November, December so it's not too much all at once! 

You and your loved ones will go crazy for these amazing bundles of YL goodness!!!


+ Silent Night + 

(Can I get an amen, mamas?)

Seedlings/ Kidscents Lotion

Lavender Essential Oil

Peace and Calming Essential Oil

Gentle Baby Essential Oil 

Tranquil Roll On

SleepyIze Essential Oil

Seedlings baby oil


+ I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause + 

(Also known as Lucy Libido)

Mirah Shave Oil

Progessence Plus

Sensation Massage Oil

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Shutran Bar Soap

Idaho Blue Spruce Essential Oil


+ Baby It's Cold Outside + 

Thieves Essential Oil Infused Cough Drops



Ningxia Red 2 oz Singles

Thieves Essential Oil


+ Go Tell it on the Mountain + 

Bar Soap - Sacred Mountain

Shutran Beard Oil 

Sacred Mountain Essential Oil

Northern Lights Black Spruce


+ Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer +

Ortho Sport Massage Oil

Panaway Essential Oil

Deep Relief Roll On

Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream

What are you thinking for gifts this year??

Essential Rewards


Essential Rewards (ER) is a monthly subscription box of a minimum of 50pv. You can cancel it at any time by calling customer service. You can choose which products you want each month, plus which day you want it to process on. I change my order every month! For your first three consecutive months on ER, you get 10% back in rewards points. For example, if I placed an order of 107.75PV, I would get 10.77 rewards points credited to my account that I can then use as cash to buy oils and products. For your 4-24 consecutive months, you get 20% back, and then at 25 months and beyond you get 25% back in rewards points. Some people can't afford to spend 50PV (around $50) a month on oils and products. We switched a lot of our grocery store purchases to ER, so that we could make it work. I now get my vitamins, laundry detergent, dish soap, cleaners, lotions, soaps, etc. from YL on my monthly ER order, and then I make money back on things that I was already going to purchase! I never had to come up with more money in the budget; I just switched it from the grocery store to YL.

The Business Opportunity

Did you know that there is an incredible opportunity for you to share oils with those you care about AND build a business based on residual income? What is residual income, you ask. It is income that comes in, even when you are not working. Check out this worldwide Income Disclosure Statement to see the possibilities! What would change your life? Bringing in an extra $2,880 per year, just by reaching the rank of Senior Star? Or are you shooting for the rank of Royal Crown Diamond, bringing in an extra $1,828,524 each year?

We offer monthly business mentorships and in-depth personal training to everyone who wants it! Just let your sponsor know that you are ready to build a business or email me at and we will get you started!