Kelsey Schenk


Hey friends! I got started with oils in June when my friend Leah introduced them to took a bit of convincing and some time haha but I finally bought a starter kit! I wasn't so sure about the products and tried them out here and there and started becoming completely obsessed! I absolutely love them! The Facebook groups you get added to really played a huge role. The community is so welcoming and friendly. They always provide so much info and testimonies everyday that you can't just ignore the impacts the oils have! I started seeing the benefits for myself, like sleeping better, having energy support through out the day, and healthy options for skin care, plus good smells too(: Now I can't get enough and want to share them with everyone! Young Living is the perfect company to join because they provide the highest quality at a discounted price for everyone that signs up! I hope you'll jump on board!!(:


instagram: @kelseyharmony

facebook: Kelsey Harmony


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