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I got the new Gentle Mist diffuser a couple months ago, but realized I hadn't told y'all about it! Long story short, I'm obsessed, and my family is too! Alden LOVES it. Seriously freaks out every time I pull it out! 

I keep this at my desk and then pop it in my purse when I go somewhere! I'm about to grab another one to keep in our car at all times. I have the ORB diffuser too and love that for travel, but this one is truly SO simple. I just can't love it enough!!

Here's some of what I've been diffusing lately:

+ FRANKINCENSE: seriously my mommy moment of zen each day. When Alden is freaking out or when I just need a moment of calm, I pop this in and just diffuse it right in my face. Instant calm for me!

+ GENTLE BABY: toddler tantrum tamer might be an appropriate name here. Just pop a drop in the diffuser and blast right on them when things get a little crazy. It's highly diluted, so no worries there ;) Alden loves it and it calms him down right away! Perfect for when we are on the go and can't get home for nap-time on schedule!

+ MOTIVATION: perfect for when I've got a long to-do list! I love to diffuse this when I have a mountain of laundry to do, or when I'm settling down to tackle some work goals!

+ SACRED MOUNTAIN: my current go-to when I'm having a rough day! I pop two drops of this in and just breathe deeply. Truly transforming!

+ CEDARWOOD: if we're having trouble winding down at night, I adore diffusing this one! Just diffuse it all over my body and it's so soothing. 

+ SPEARMINT: I adore this one in the car if there are tummy troubles!! It's refreshing, soothing, and uplifting! Totally changes the air too, which I love and is SO needed when there are tummy issues at play!

If y'all haven't snagged the Gentle Mist yet, you need to! Go run and make a quick order now, because having a diffuser with you 24/7 is truly life changing! 

If you're not a member with Young Living yet, you can grab your's here!

Just select the Premium Starter Kit of your choice (I LOVE all of them, but the Dewdrop Diffuser, Aria Diffuser, and Savvy Minerals Cool 2 are my personal favorites), and then add the Gentle Mist to your order and check out!


If you're not ready to dive all in with the oils, grab the Basic Kit (you'll want the Stress Away that's in there!! it's a beach dream in the diffuser!), and then sign up for Essential Rewards (you can cancel at any time, but you'll be getting 10% back on your order today if you do it this way!), add the Gentle Mist Personal Diffuser, Cedarwood, Orange, and Sacred Mountain, and check out! Those give you so many diffuser combo options! 

You won't regret it!!