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Three Things Every Mama Needs

Hey there, Mama!! I see you trying to make decisions on which diaper is best for your baby. I see you reheating your coffee for the 5th time before finally drinking it lukewarm. I see you trying to hold your tongue (and hold back the tears!) when your toddler dumps the craft bucket all over the floor. 

I see you, and I want you to know that you are doing a great job. 

Being a mama certainly isn’t easy, but you are doing great! And you - just you as you are! - were made to be a perfect match for your baby! 

As a mama myself, I know how hard it can be to decisions on what is best for your baby. So I wanted to share a few things with you that have been so helpful for me! 


1. Give yourself grace. 

You are doing such a good job. It’s hard and you’re tired - I know. But know that you are rocking this mama life. Your littles are so blessed to have you as their role model! Breathe in, let things out, and know that at the end of the day all that matters is that they know that they are loved. 

2. Listen to seasoned mama advice.

I love to head over to for some of this! There, three mamas have banded together to help you sort through brands, myths, ill advice, and so much more! There are heaps of tips and recommendations over there! I’m particularly loving the Secrets to Potty-Training post right now. We’re getting close to that stage (Alden is already 16 months!), so I’m reading up everything I can on it! You can read it here. And their tips for flying with a baby are so good! I only wish I had it 6 weeks ago before our flight to SLC. You can read about that here


3. The Seedlings line. 

Young Living came out with an AMAZING line of baby products. We’ve used every single one daily since they released 13 months ago. I’m obsessed. They smell amazing and are clean and safe for our little ones! They have THE BEST wipes ever, a dual, tear-free shampoo/baby wash, the most divine linen spray, lotion, baby oil, and the only diaper rash cream that has ever worked for us! My favorite part is that they are filed with nourishing ingredients that aren’t harming my family. It takes all of the guess-work and comparisons out for you and it’s delivered right to your door from Young Living. 


Never doubt that you are doing a great job! Your baby adores you and you are such a good mama!